Monday, December 1, 2008

Mommy, do we live in this world?

So, I have been a naughty girl, and been negligent...of my poor, dear bloggie. I just start the day thinking I will write something, or when something happens, I assume I will have the time, and then it just escapes me. I promise to be a better blog- mama,lol.
Ok, so back to my title. Last week when I picked my sweetie up from preschool, that was her We were going over the bridge and she said it. I was thinking, ok where did she get this? She is the always inquisitive kiddo, like her brother Nick. I never know what that boy will say, but I She asked me, and I had to figure out how to answer... I considered taking the lame path, and saying a simple "yes" but knew in a heartbeat she would be asking questions 2-10 if I had done so. So I explained to her that we do in fact live in this world and our world is our planet, and we have to take care of it, or we will not have a world. The discussion lasted for about 5-7 mins and she was good with it, so I was too. BUT, I have to say she comes up with some GOODIES,lol.
The last few weeks have went onto a hyper mode, we celebrated my NUMBER ONE daughter's birthday, it was a nice party, and she had a good time. I have to say each year slips by, faster and faster...I swear it does. I am like so many who see and say this but I remember the first few hours of her life, like it just happened..I was JUST there, living it, ok people...time is cruel, and when you are in my shoes, remember I have said this. Because when you are on the heels of your child growing up, you will know what I mean.
Last week was super busy... It always is. The kids enjoyed being off...they still are till tomorrow;0) It has been a nice time with them, we did a lot of cleaning out for the upcoming holiday, to get rid of the old,lol.
I can see this yr as being a grumpy one, for everyone. People are already annoyed by it all. I was shopping on Black Friday and an old lady was ramming my cart during a "traffic jam" in Walmart, in which I had zero control of the situation. we were all in the same boat, there were 312 carts in the lane and noone could move, she just keptbon ramming, saying "Excuse me", and I( and all 311 other people were baffled by her ignorance) NOONE could move, and I could have done the same,and rammed my cart into hers,lol.. I finally said" We are all waiting to move" She just stuck her crotchety snoot into the air, and proceded to ram her cart into mine, again...then , I was finally able to move, and I was so glad..;0) FREAKS! Then we can also refer to certain people who desire NOT to buy gifts for my kids, so they like to take my right of buying for theirs away, and normally I just go with the flow and have to hear my hubby complain, while I just try to be in the xmas spirit, and let them have their way..well this yr, I was talking to a friend and thought how truely RUDE and lame it is to do that to anyone. I mean it is just fine to say that you cannot afford to do it, or even you are too cheap, but to tell someone else they CANNOT is a pure power trip, and is just rediculous. So just because they have no xmas spirit, their kids have to think I am cheap and lame and do not care? To me that is why there is a Christmas...sharing, caring and giving. I may have to limit my kids a little less to buy for others, but is that NOT why we have it? I could go on and on, and ON...because it is such a big deal, and what are they really saying? So we have decided to buy for who we want, and if we have to hoarde the gifts till yrs pass, and we can give them theirs, musch later, they will see we truely DID care and we are not like scrooge...or cheapskates,lol.
NEXT~ I amtrying to sum up days here, so I may forget to add much, but promise to add more in my next post, if I forget ;-) Today, I have to go to the Dr, because my left wrist has not been right for mos, and the past few nights it starts to be out of the socket,or alignment and I awaken to excruciating pain. I have been in denial for too long, and fear the repercussions, so I ahve waited, now I will see where it all ends up, pray for me...;X

Ok~ so I think I have summed it all up, and we can move forward in a fashionable manner! I am going to be back much sooner, I promise, and to all who have bugged me to write this, well here ya go! have a wonderful Monday!!!!!

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Angel said...

I love reading your blog. Kara is hillarious!