Sunday, December 28, 2008


~Just been incredibly busy doing day to day stuff,lol. Ihave been online here and there but been really trying to get other stuff done.
So anyway, we had a nice month, all is good, for now. The kids all did special things with school, and had fun holiday parties. We did some nice things as a family, and tons of baking and candy was just special to be together..and it is a constant in my mind that my older kids will be on their way on a few years, so we try to really cherish these times, and traditions.
Christmas was not huge here this year, but very mush worked onby Scott and I to be MERRY!
We may not be able to get them all the insanely expensive things this yr, but we tried to really get at least 2-3 real wants for them ;0) And we did it! I am always so proud how humble my guys of them asked for sturdy snow boots and mittens, and he is 9...not many kids his age are as well grounded...on the flip side he is a wild man at times, but humble at heart, just like his Papa~ I wish the day would have lasted longer, because you prepare for it for what seems like ever..then it breezes by.
Now we are enjoying the time together, which as many might guess,can be a real zoo, with 6 kiddos,lol. They either play really well, like putting on shows or concerts, or they are all out fighting,'s a treat,lol... They are very hands on, I will say, though, not the type to sit on their bums playing board games, they use their imaginations to the fullest, while their Dad and I just laugh at their newest "broadway hit"~ Kara is always the singer and the boys will dance and add a dark side to the aaing "hits" lol... It is funny...but very special.we are truely blessed.
Not much going on for new Year's eve. We are trying to decide what to do. We may have some fam and friends over, but with Jax it has to be low key. I don't know...I like to be in bed early,lol... Last yr we went to friend's and we were falling asleep watching tv, after 11,lol. BUT we did make it to see the ball drop! Yay~ We will see what this yr entails.
In other news I am debating going back to work part time. I went in to where I used to work, and talked to the new manager yesterday~ They want me, and that makes me proud...I walked into a mess of a cosmetic counter, finacially and physically, and turned them to gold,(last yr) so I am thrilled,lol. They are working on logistics, trying to take the part time girl for Clinique and move her to another line, so I can have Clinique back, it is No stress of managing, just come in a few hrs and sell//woohoo.Pray for me, I hope it works out, if not its another cosmetic line...we shall see!

~Other than that nothing new~ Everyone have a Happy New Year!~And be safe!!!~

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