Wednesday, December 3, 2008

*~Baby it's cold outside*~

BRRR! Welcome to the North Pole, here in PA! It is just nasty, here. I was in my basement, just now doing laundry, and my bones are cold,lol..ugh. I have to remember this day, next Summer, when I am saying I would rather be COLD than HOT!! Because this is just cruel and unusual punishment;0)
My little man is 5mos old today! Yay! He is just such a dreamboat, we all just adore that little sweets! 5mos can be a blink, we have concurred, last night, it just creeps up,lol. He is starting to be such the little person. He is so strong, he always has been, not many babies can hold their heads up 2 hrs after birth, at least not like he did, and he is mimmicking our faces, he sticks his tongue out when we do, and blows raspberries when we do. he is also saying HI, when we do, he does, his version is "HA", and I know for a FACT none of my others were talking at all till at least 8-9mos, not 4.5 mos like he was...;0) Smarty pants!
I was supposed to go to Wilkes Barre today for some deals before they end, with my mama, but I could not find a home for Kara,lol..I needed to have her not there, since we were getting her big gift, and I just did not want to play the game(hiding a huge box in my car while she was in it),lol. So I may go tomorrow VERY swiftly while she is in school, and get back before she gets out. We live where all our family is, and we had an easier time of it far away, with swapping for kids, we had a friend who would take our kids for xmas shopping and we would take hers, GENIUS, I tell ya! The local Y has a kids night, that we may explore this week, so we can get a few things done without the kidlets, we shall see.
Not so much to tell , it's been quiet here, we are still trying to get Mack over to the Middle School for gifted Math, he scored in 7-8th grade levels and they think he is bored with 4th grade Math. I will update when that comes to fruition.
OH, I know what I can tell..Maddy made the honor oll again, and they sent me a bumper sticker! She will be happy I mentioned this, because she was on the honor roll so many times, and we NEVER got a bumper sticker...and so she was thrilled to see it in the mail ;0) We took her to dinner 2 weeks ago for her achievement. We were both so proud, my girl is doing so well. She was in some LD classes, and was so scared to get back into REG classes, and is pulling amazing grades, this yr. Her sis ter got a 89 in Algebra, and she got a 96!..That was something , here for a few days, can we say WAR??? mY girls like to have an edge on one another, so grades are a sticky subject, and so there is no confusion, Mimi is VERY smart, as well, but was less than a pt away from the Honor roll, so she was livid, and swears to avenge herself,lol..sigh...sibling rivalry!!!!
Ok, I think that is all, for now, I have a 4 yr old begging for her turn, so, I will let her play her games before lunch...;0) Hope everyone is staying warm!
Angel~ I want to be in SC, like you!!! MILD winters are what I want...maybe someday, Texas is looking more and more our next option!
Have a good one...

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