Monday, October 27, 2008

~*All dressed up!!!*~

The kids had a great weekend, and so did we, we did cleaning, organizing their winter/summer clothes( I am still not complete there) Sunday Scott baked his famous apple pies, I swear he needs to sell them, the crust is like the yummiest shortbread you ever tasted, mmm! In the evening, the boys had scouts, and made cute stuff for the upcoming holiday.(Halloween) Nick loves being a tiger this yr, he has awaited this for 3 years(when mack starte, he wanted to soo bad) It is such a fun activity for them.
Today i did a lot of straightening the house up, and going through things. The days just fly by, I swear. Tonight we took the kids to the YMCA for the trick or treat trail, they had so much fun. I had wanted them to all be in the same theme this yr, but it was a bust, noone could agree on it, so they all picked what they really wanted to be. Jaxson was so cute. We sat him in the stroller for the 1st time without his car seat, nd he was so happy. He loved the whole thing, the place was all dark with lit pumpkins and all sorts of props, and he ate it up. He is such an inquisitive little guy, out of all my babies, he has been the most into his world. He never did the sleep all day thing, he has been alert for most of the day since day one. He does take a short nap in the afternoon, but that is really it. The boy is always so serious, as he studies his world around him.
Tomorrow I have some returns to do, and I have to ht the grocery store for a few things, then tomorrow night, we are going to the Halloween parade. The boys are in it for scouts. Kara is so excited, of course. I think that is all for right now. Happy monday!!!~

Friday, October 24, 2008


T he title says it all, and I mean every bit of it. This week has been a long one. Just running to and fro and appts and hustle and bustle of it all, makes me crave the weekend. I am happy for it ;0)
Miranda had her try outs today for Cheer ( wrestling and basketball) she made it, Varsity again. They only took 14 girls this time, so there were some very sad girls, she really felt bad for them. Her friend Sam made it this time, so she was happy. Tomorrow is the 2nd to the last football game she has to cheer in and she feels like time flew, her freshman year is truely flying by her. It seems insightful to know I was there and went through it, but yeah, it really did fly, and time has warped me to where I am now, at least some days this is how I feel. It is an odd feeling to look and see your children growing up so fast. I think having the rang I do in ages, makes me treasure them at each stage, because I see how fast it slips by me.
Ok, enough of that stuff, I want to end the week on a positive note,lol.. We have a busy wekend but we will mnage as a team, Scott and I with doing the kids activities. It makes it nice when he is home on weekends.
I have a new Kara-ism to share, as she is always saying the funniest things to me, usually as we drive or as we are doing something she comes up with these winners,lol. ;0) Yesterday she swam at school, as her preschool has swimming one time a week, and she loves it. She swam all by herself floating even in the deeper 4ft area, all the kids were in their floaties it was so cute...ok back to my funny~ lol. Well today, my sweetest little angel came to me and was talking while I was doing laundry, and she had a lollypop in her mouth, and I was not paying attention, she then says " mmmm this is sooo good." I looked at her and said " where did you get that"? she looked at me, smiled and said " In the garbage upstairs"...BLECH!!!!! I wanted to laugh, but had to explain how that was NOT the thing to do EVER,lol... She is always doing the craziest things because she just assumes it is normal, and she acts like it is, to boot! she is one cool cucumber ;0)
I think that is all for today, have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lucky number 7...

No we are not having another child...silly! This is how old my little man was yesterday! Nicholas is now a "bigger" boy, as he says. The party was a tremendously fun time, and we all had so much fun! The kids loved the games and prizes and enjoyed being with friends and family!
I almost lost it that night because in the midst of the fanfaire, I was in a hurry and unloaded the pics from my cameracard, while it was full, and instead of copying the pics, I deleted it, and went on my merry way...later, I realized that they were lost forever,and I was so upset, because it was all the before-party pics, and poses with Nick and Kara all sweet and CLEAN looking,lol. It was all the games before they were demolished, as well. I was tearful when I sw, because it was something lost forever;0(
I moved on, now and am happy it was not ALL the pics from that day~
The past few days have been very unexciting, noting fun to report, just daily drivel. Running the kids to and fro, and trying to recover from the weekend. Maddy nd I and Nick have been ill with fevers and stuffy noses, so we have had a few rough nights, but that is really the extent of all I have to report, is so FUN here in Readerville, as my Mom says,lol.
This week is going to get a little busier, we have some stuff to do and the kids have parties and games, so it will be busy later , glad, too due to everyone being sick.
I hate to even admit that Christmas is like 2mos away, where the heck did this year go? I swear I JUST found out I was pregnant with Jaxson! Really who said this year could fly by? I have to start shopping but there is so much to always do, and it seems like money just gets tighter and tighter, I still have kara's real birthday, and Mimi's to get through,then
Ok, I think I have rattled on enough for now, glad to just get on here, the last few days it wiould not allow me to post it kept timing out, so I am happy for this time!

~~~Just wanted to Thank everyone who helped for the kid's party! You all were awesome~~~~specially my MIL Donna~she helped so much with Jax~~~~HUGS!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

~Busy Days~

That is what it has been for us..just a lot going on and I feel like I need each day to be twice as long. I have been working on Nick and Kara's party for a few weeks, details, details, that is who I am,lol. Nick kept adding things he would like done and such, so it was a work in progress. I got all the prizes taken care of this week, and the food was completed Thursday. Today we ran out for the last minute stuff, and finished making the games. scott worked hard on that, he is excited for the kids to play them;0)
The house is pretty much ready, and about 55 cupcakes were baked for the occasion, since our original carousel cake fell throug, last minute..sigh.
It is so funny because most of Kara's well wishers for this party, are of the male nature,lol..she is everyone's hearthrob, I was told today by one of the Moms,lol. I knew she was telling us about the boy she was going to "marry", a lot, but this gave us a huge chuckle. She has had her eyes set on a lil guy named Nicholas, and she is just the cutest with him, and the feeling is very mutual, his Mom has told me every week, in fact when he was thinking about Santa this week, he asked to write a list for Santa, and he added a list of what he should bring for Kara,lol. ( Now that is big stuff for a little tyke ;0) This will be so cute to see her with her friends tomorrow.
Nick is so happy, as well, to have his friends come to the party. he is a shy guy, so I am anxious to see how he will be with the kid's from his class, on his own turf. He does not know it, but his big wish for his birthday was granted. His bigger brother got a Nintendo DS for his past birthday, last Dec, and he oogled and drooled over it all year, and has been so patient, so my parents are surprising him with one for his special day, he will be elated, and so happy. My Dad promised him one ever since mackenzie's birthday, so this ought to be so sweet to see him when he opens it;0)
I just cannot believe my guy is turning 7. Really~SEVEN~To look at him, he is a bigger boy, and he looks older,but he is just going to be 7. He has the biggest eyes you will ever see, they stare into your soul, and with everything he says to you, you know it was well thought and heartfelt. I remember when I went into labor,like it was last yr, time is not so kind, as it jumps way too fast...but I had such a slight back ache all day and I had the same ache for weeks,so I was thinking it was just false labor, and was so passive. The only thing was that the ache was coming and going more frequently, so when Scott came home from work, we decided to go grocery shopping and get stuff done in case we would be in the hospital that weekend, as it was my due date, and we knew it would happen soon...and as we were at the check out line it started to be so strong and then I knew it was starting, so we went home and put everything away, and dropped the kids off at a very dear friend;s home, and the pain had stopped, really, just mild, so as we talked to our friend, on her doorstep, I was just saying" We will probably be back inan hour, becasue they will send me home" and wooosh, my water broke RIGHT there,lol... so on oir way we went, as the hospital was about 40 mins away. When we got there, I was almost 5 CM, but the bad news ws that I had the thickst tar like meconium laced fluid they had ever seen, and they were very concerned immediately. The hooked me up to the moniters and he was doing well, so they decided to give me pitocin and get him out ASAP, well, after a few hrs, of his heart decelling, me on oxygen, and truely praying my hardest of my life(up until that point) we were on this scary roller coatser, they would turn up the pitocen and he would just bottome out, and then I would halt my labor when they turned it off. I remember just shaking because the nurses and doctors were so stern and looked grim when they came in and said we need to act RIGHT then, because he could not tolerate it any further. They had even tried to re-add some fluid to cushion hi inside, but to no avail...
The last thing was them prpping me and literally shaving my stomach and unhooking the machines because he had no heartbeat fora long decel...when we got in the OR, they were turning up my epidural and trying to just go so fast, and it was just as surreal as it could get. I remember asking why it hurt and they said it was just pressure, and I said no that is pain, and it was because they did not have a solid epidural in, but the dr looked at me and said" we don't have time" I immediatle freaked out and asked is he alve? and they just igored me, and it was just so quiet,like a deafening quiet, you could never imagine, till you live it..and then I heard them say theywere pulling him out, and in a few seconds he was here, it was like a moment in a movie, only we were living it, he cried out, and the whole room was in such joy...we had been blessed like no other, on that day.It truely reknewed our faith in God's love, because this boy was almost not...and he was ill for a few days from fluid in his lungs and an infection, but he was here and just as beautiful as could be. I think back to that day, whenever I am challenged in my life, which has been many times over the last few years, Scott and I both do, because not everyone get's that movie moment, where they are spared that heartache, we were lucky and Nicholas was given to us for a reason. He has had many challenges, in his 7 yrs, including a language delay, and many other things but by the time he went to KDG last yr, you would never have known it, he has over come many obstacles, and when you think about it, that is why we are here, to overcome...
Ok, so on Monday morning at 7;15 am, my little guy is here for another year to bring us joy and to show us that with that one little prayer, it CAN make a difference....He is here, because if it ;0)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A new day has come..

....and thank goodness it did, because I don't think i could hack another one like yesterday, it was one of THOSE days...ok NEXT! So today has been great, I got to witness my little boy(Nicholas) lose his first tooth,as he wiggled it, it actually came out, and he was in total shock,lol..he discussed it all morning, till school. He was so happy that he lost it like that and not swallowed it, like his brother did once,lol.
I think all the plans for Nick and Kara's party are in order, it has been a challenge to get it all to coordinate and worry about weather, but I think we have it just right, now. They are just too cute and all excited for it to come and the daily count is getting less and less, so it will be fun to see how it turns out. I have to finish up the few details this evening, and we should be set.
As many of you know, tomorrow is a huge day for us. It seems so surreal, and has been hard to take.We truely thought long and hard about it, and now that it is here, it just seems so final. It was something we really have wanted but to have it done is another story, so please pray for us as our world is changing and we mourn this part of our lives being over. AND..look to the hopes of our future!~
This year is flying by and it seems like it has been just a crazy one, I am glad that 2009 is almost here, so maybe it will bring everyone good fortune. I can't wait to see what the election brings. I have been on the fence with who to vote for, as I did not see much hope in anyone's speches, but I am thinking now, I know what I want, and I seriously doubt that another 4 yrs of the same policies will bring us any good. I am hoping that we can get past these sad times, and we are lead into greener pastures... life is too short for this stuff.
I am going to end on a positive note, today, as I have really been trying to live by what I have learned over the last few yrs... I read a quote a few mos back, and some days it sticks in my head. I even think about it when I am going to sleep... and there are a few people in my life, who I truely do not understand or get why they do what they do. Sometimes my initial reaction to their actions, is fury, but then as it softens, I remember this quote:
"Be nice to everyone, because no one knows what battles they are going through" and it is so true..we all have battles and have things that are inside us, and not everyone knows...Have a good day!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

~Oh So Much To Say~

I feel like I was gone for weeks, because so many things happen to us, daily and I forget to take the time to write it, here..sigh. We had a lovely weekend and tried to really make the most of our time together. Miranda had a game on Sat and it was nice to watch her, she loves what she does, we had a nice time. Scott finally finished the project at my parents house he was working on, and also he did some sewing for me ;0) Last night( Sat) we went to some very nice and old dear friends of our's party, it was a huge success. Just a great time, we really needed that. The kids did not want to leav, but jaxson was so ready, as he likes calm and quiet to sleep.
today we did a lot of getting ready for next weekend, we have a HUGE undertaking, as we are doin Kara and Nick's party all in one, and it will probably be bigger than what we are used to, now that they both have friends from school invited. Plus cousins and family and friends, we are excited! The girls had a day out with their friend and her Grandma, she took them to lunch, dinner and shopping. They loved it. I need to remind my Mom to do that again with them, as they loved it, and in a few yrs they will be gone, really it is going so fast, and they are just at that age where they love outings. Tonight Nick started Tiger cubs, he has wanted to be a scout for so long, he was thrilled, aww! Mack started tonight again, too, this is his 4th yr. In other news, Nichola has a wiggley tooth! This will be his 1st tooth to fall out, and he will be 7 next Sunday~ he 'worked" on it alllll day, and it is really progressing, so I think tomorrow will be his big day!
On a sadder note, my grandfather is in the hospital, he has had a very rough road and has some implications due to his battle with colon cancer, so please pray for him, if you have a sec or 2. He is such a great man ;0)
Ok, so I think that is all for now...I am sure I will remember more as soon as I am finished, but it will have to wait!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

~One More Try....~

Yeah, so that was an old George Michael song, and I feel that is my life lately,lol..(I can laugh now, after a looong arse day...) Make that week. Our stupid dishwasher broke, and to be honest it was not worth the $200 it would have cost us to fix, but lucky for us Scott googled how to fix it, and did so. PHEW! We just do not have that right now, with all the kid's parties and bills, and OIL bills looming, add xmas to the mix, I just do not know how the heck we are going to swing this??? I just have faith and keep working it through, head. This is why it was such a HUGE decision to stay home with Jaxson. I muddled over it for weeks, I mean like no sleep because of the fear and worry,just not my cup of tea. I truely adored my job, and really wanted to stay, but there were too many obstacles, and it just all fell apart at the last I know it was meant for me to be here, with him, also with all the appts my kids in general, have had, this yr, I know it was the right choice, but man, is it ever hard,lol. I miss being OUT there, ya know? I am not one for running ragged on a daily basis or trying to get my kids in every program out there( well here in BERWICK we don't have so much to choose from) but you get my drift,lol... Kara is not the easiest to maneuver, she wants to touch and see, and do all that is in her path, so taking her with Jax is rough, in fact I think adding lemon drops to my eyes may be easier, and more fulfilling.. So for now we just take it as it comes, and we just do our best. This economy has been awful and makes me fearful. Anyway Not much is new here, the kid's all are doing so well on their progress reports, all will be on honor roll if they can keep it up ;0) That is a source of excitement. School is going well for them. Maddy started guitar lessons on Monday and is LOVING it, so I am thrilled, she needed a niche, and finally found it. Mack is going to start taking sax lessons, we went back and forth with that and percussion but later decided to let him choose, and this is his dream, so he says..( we all know he is a drama queen,lol) Mimi is excited for Homecoming , it's the 1st of Nov, and she cannot wait, her cheer squad is sponsoring it, so she get's to decorate. I think that is all for now....After my HELL day it is nice to hear the NOTHING in the air and think..Maybe just One More try....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

~*When Pigs Fly*~

This is what I had to tell my oldest daughter this week... yes I thought she was going to be like Linda Blair and have her head rotate around her shoulders when she found out that her father and I objected to her having her belly button pierced. She came to us with such conviction, and even tried to play the Birthday and Christmas card, stating that was ALL she wanted, and it would simplify things for us...yeah right! I tried to be as onjective as I could possibly be, but there is just no way, EVER that this is going to happen...until she either A) moves out or B) pigs fly...
I know she is growing up, and also that all her friends have had this done, but I feel like making chages to your body should be something you decide after much thought, and not a whim of peer pressure. She got over it, for now...we will see.
The choices we have to make are always hard, and I know that now she is in highschool, it will get much worse...but for now she is our little BIG girl ;0)

Not too much else to report, this week, just alot of basic stuff, we grocery shopped this weekend and organized. Talk to you soon!

Friday, October 3, 2008

~A Kara thing to say~

Today I offer you a small look into the mind of my 3..almost 4 yr old daughter, Karrangton. She is a bright little girl, often forgotten is her age, as she is swift with her tongue and mannered as an older child, as it yesterday morning, she crawled in my bed and was laying with me and my baby boy, Jax. She was talking about lot's of things, and suddenly her eyebrows came together and she looked at me and said" Mommy, I don't want to go to school today!" I asked her why, and she (without a beat) replied "I am sick of my teachers telling me to stop taking toys from other kids" So, I responded, " who do you take toys from?" And My brilliant shining star replied...."Everyone". So after we had a nice chat about sharing and all that is good, she was excited to go back to school. I have been hearing daily that all the kids are having issues with this, and keeping their hands to themselves, but never really thought she was part of it,lol.WAKE UP
Anyway, that was yesterday, we have moved forward. Today was full of non-stop running, appts for kids, and whatnot. It is 1:32, now and I have been all is nice to be here, at home, now. Jax is napping and I have a moment to myself.I guess I had better be done with this for now. More to post..soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Here we go.....
So, this is my very own spanking new blog... how exciting and fun! I tried it once before but it was too hard to keep up with, so I laid her to rest,lol...I now feel ready to commit! ( how grown up of me,lol) This should be oh so fun, as my life is an every changing ride on the Reader will here my daily drivel, and all that matters to me, Samantha, mom of 6, wife of one;0) Welcome to my world.....