Thursday, November 13, 2008

Always something to share!

I always start posting with a certain font, and by the end it is a totally different one...hmm. Still learning this site, I suppose. It's beena relatively calm week,the kids are getting better from their illnesses, no terrible occurances( knock on wood) although, Jax has been a bit of a needy little man,lol. He is like his daddy, when he is ill, he wants to be well taken care of. I feel like all I have done is held him the last few days, and actually 80% of my day really has been that, had it not been a week where I need to reorganize and get ready for Miranda's 15th birthday bash, I would not give it a second thought... but he will be first, and I will manage.
Scott has been busy all week with various work, and is a busy man. He worked for a friend last Fri and Sat, which proved a PITA, due to not getting pd when they said, but he would not listen when I said it sounded fishy, and now he is mad at the situation..I digress.
All my kids got their report cards this week, and I am one proud mama! Mimi got a high B over all average, Maddy got an A( honor roll average) Nick got all A's and one B and Mack my little busy bee, got straight A's!!!! We are so happy! I have to say that me being home this yr has made a huge impact on their grades jumping up that last notch. Last year was a menagerie of best tries on Scott and my part, but I was not home most nights and he works looong days and was just beat by it, so we had some issues trying to make it all happen. ;0( This year is working out great, and we have more time to sew and sell, so it really makes up for a lot of my income sanity, is a whole other ball park,lol.. I can honestly say it was a good choice, and if he was not just laid off...$%^&*$#@ It would make it all much better,lol.
Ok, onto better subjects! This week has a ton of birthdays! After Kara was my Grandpa, he was 84 on Tues, and then comes Miranda on Monday..the BIG 15!!! We are so happy for her, she is so excited to be 15, and I am so trying to be, for her...but it's bittersweet! I think through it and see what a wonderful young lady she has become, and then I feel sad that the cute little sassy red-headed baby girl she was....... is long gone. I also know that in a few short years, she will be off spreading her wings, and doing what makes her happy, and l know that what ever path she chooses, she will excel, it is just who she is, but all of that does not make it easier to let her start this process. It stings at your heart.
Ok, enough for now, have a great THURSDAY!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

*~*Kara is the BIG number 4 today*~*
This has been a very draining week for us...long and hard. The type that drains your soul.
The election took it's toll on us all, it was just one of those things you wanted to disappear and be gone. I love that I can say it is finished,lol. It was actually surreal to cast my vite. I took a second to breathe in the last moment, before just to really be in that place in time. I touched the screen and it was done. It was a great night, watching to see who would win. I was just enamored with it all. Then, when I knew who the winner was, I had a sigh of relief, knowing we as a country, had spoken, and that a new day had dawned... The after math was very scary and sad for friends I know in the south, because they are black. They had a very hard day, because people there were so cruel and hateful, how sad that is to me, in 2008, we act like freaks. I can only hope that it will simmer, and we can let this man pick up the shattered pieces of this once great land.
We also had to deal with Scott getting laid off, and knowing our struggle to pick up our own lives is going to be tested, yet again. This last 2 years have been so hard and we have had many obstacles to overcome. We almost cracked as a couple in the summer of 2007, because I think it finally hit us so hard, and trying to make it all happen was just so sad knowing the reality of it all. But, after we picked ourselves up~~~TOGETHER~~~ we have grown so much into a united more than ever couple. So, after hitting lows and celebrating highs, I know we will figure this all out, along with all the others in our same battle.
My kids have been ill this week, too, and it has been a test of my weariness, and their's. We have had some very rough nights, because of fevers and coughs, but somehow,I know we are on the mend now. Which brings me to me sick little birthday girl..
Kara is 4 today, and I see the day she was born as clearly as it was today. It was one of those days that you cannot forget as a Mom. I was over due by 2 days, and trying to have a VBAC. I knew in my heart that I could because 3 of my other births were vaginal, and Nick was a c-section, due to trauma on him, not me. It was just doing it that scared me. I was induced,because of my sky-rocketing blood pressure, and with each hour of labor it got more and more intense with pain. Pitocin is nasty and vile, and the contrax are none the less. Afetr being in labor for 10 hrs and writhing in pain I finally said to please give me an epidural. i could bare no more of it. I had it put in and after a few mins mypain was no more, but it was all on one side, so they had me switch side,and it was on that side, after tinkering with it for an hour, they finally had it goo...a little too GOOD, I could not feel my legs or stomach at all.. it was majorlly odd. Then a few mins later they came in and said my contrax were coming back to back, and I needed to be checked, meanwhile I had felt just a bit of pressure and was waiting for the dr to arrive. ( he had said if I did not have some progress by 9 , we would be doing a repeat c-section) the nurse decided to lift the blanket since he was coming and she jumped back because kara's head was crowning...the Dr was on his way, and as he got his gloves on her head was coming out, and all the while I was feeling NOTHING! he said to give a push and I swear again, I could not feel anything, and prayed I was actually pushing,lol..and the with that one push, my gorgeous little sweetheart was born. She was 7 lbs 12 oz, and just so pretty. I cried like a baby because she was safe and healthy, and I had done it. I had the VBAC I so wanted, the most. It felt like we were walking on clouds, we were just so proud. That first few moments with a new baby is like magic, like nothing I could ever put into words. There is almost a calm over te whole world, for you, as you are there,like God himself is there smiling on you all....
Now 4 yrs have past, and I really do not know how time can be so cruel, she was JUST that baby in my arms nursing for the first time, or maybe that silly toddler teetering around trying to just flies.All of you with small ones, hug them, kiss them, and know that it really does seem like a blink, and they are teens, I am there now with my oldest who will be 15 next week, the tears will be flowing...but that is for then, not today!
Happy Birthday sweet Princess Karrangton Emelia Anne-Marie!!!!! We love you so~

Monday, November 3, 2008

~Been so busy to come out and play~

I swear I am in a weekly time warp. I wake up after a weekend, and start my Monday and before I know it, it is Friday This happens to me every week. the days that come inbetween the above said are just rolled into ech other, with tacked on utter craziness,lol. This past week I was a taxi service, for sure. Doctor appts, trips to the mall to finish my oldest daughter's homecoming couture, trips to the 4 schools my kid's attend( because they range in so many ages) a Fall fest at Kara's school. The list just goes on. I swear sometimes when I think about it, I wonder how on earth I was working full time last yr? Because I never really get a spare moment to myself, now, and last yr I worked so much, and tried to tackle all of this. I know one thing to be true, and a lot of these small things suffered because I just could not do it all. It was so hard...
Anyway, we enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Miranda went to her 1st formal dance that her cheerleading squad planned and decorated for. Her football team is going to the playoffs, this yr, so we thought Sat was her last game, but it was not. She is happy ;0) I wish I could load some pics on this darn blog, but everytime I try it says I have an error. I need to have Mr whiz(Scott) look at it, he is the computer man. I have so many pics to share...
Ok, so this week is looking much better, as far as whirlwindism...I have less on my plate, and I am thrilled. Today is my usual clean the house after my tornado crew is home all weekend. We sewed alot this weekend and Scott worked for a friend, so not much else got done.
Tomorrow's highlight is the election. I will be voting and the watching with sheer excitement. I have to really be honest and tell you that I am really sick of this election. I am so happy it will be over. I literally get 4-6 pieces of election propaganda a day in my mailbox. I can tell you with sheer conviction that I throw it out, without even looking at it, because I am so sad to see all the slashing going on. Granted a lot of what I get is local political stuff, but it is all the same. They all spend so much time trying to knock the other down, instead of focusing on who they are and conveying that to the public. I hate the commercials overloading the TV, the radio ads...all of it. I know I am not alone. I have just had enough of it. I also have had enough of perfectly nice and normal people turning into blood sucking fiends over this. It's like they become someone else over the election, and competitiveness. Their man is best and they have to knock down the other man, to prove it. I have just reached my end with this and will be so happy tomorrow to see an end to this...either way, even if my man does not win.;0)
Ok, so politics took over my blog this morning, but at least I have been quiet, thus far. I had one small blow-out, and now feel at peace. I hope we can all realize that for change to happen, in this lifetime, we need change. Change in ourselves. Change in who we are when we do and say. Change in the leaders to have the courage to fight for our needs to be met. ...change in every aspect of where we are now and where we need to be. I just want that for us, because we are headed down a bad path in this country, and the last 8 dark and dreery yrs are coming to an end, and whoever wins tomorrow, needs to know that we as Americans are ready for change....