Friday, December 5, 2008

So not much to report, but I figured it's the end of the week, and LORD knows, I will not be on much over the weekend,lol. I have one of "those" weekends coming up...Tomorrow, I have alot going on, my Mama is having in and out surgery, and I am transporting to and fro. Jax is heading out with me,lol..I am nervous for her. It will all be ok, I have faith. Sat night we have 4009 lounge sets to create and make, and ship by Monday, I suppose, we have done a little TOO much bartering,lol.. I am in a Yahoo group where you trade things for points, and you can later use your credits for purchase. All you have to do is pay for shipping and vice versa for the others sending stuff to you. In the present state of affairs at our home, it has been a Godsend. I also have a wonderful pal, who I tradecustom sets and skirts,for clothes.. she is a gem. Needless to say, we are busy! I have a few orders, as well. I have had a great yr, and it is almost a new year coming already. I have been VERY good, I made a pact with myself in Jan NOT to spend very much NEW money on the kids this yr for clothes, and I stuck to it..New money being out of pocket. Instead I resell their clothes and use that money . I have had times where I have to sit it out on great deals, but in the long run it has pd off for us. I was at a 50/50 ratio last yr and now I am at about 90/10, BIG improvement.
Anyway~ I get nervous this time of year, trying to fulfill the wee one's Santa dreams, it is always so hard to pick and choose what they want vs what we can really afford. Also , there is nothing worse, to me than 4 days after Xmas , seeing the $55 toy be marked to $10. I hate it, and literally it happens to us every yr,lol. This yr the kids are so happy and awaiting the big guy in red. I have a few weeks to sell some more goodies, I am hoping it all works out. We told them many times that Santa does not always have tons of money to spend on every my Nick, he REALLY believes he will get a Wii, and there is no way he will. I would not spend such an obnoxious amt on a 7 yr old for one gift...especially when to outfit him with it, we would have to spent like $400-500...umm let me think about that! I feel so bad for him, because he will be mad, and my hubby has said so many times we need to break it to him about santa, so he fully understands, but then I know he will tell Kara, and she is 4...I don't's a tough one.
I have another Kara funny~ yesterday we were picking through her toys trying to decide which ones to donate to her school...we just have way too many, and she stood up and said" Mommy, I just don't have the time for this, you do it." That is my girl...she is a card...24 in the body of a 4 yr old. She says every word with conviction.
Nick and Mack are doing well. School is going well, no issues, they love to go...most days,lol.. except yesterday, nick said his head hurt, so I said ok, do you need to stay home? I said the only thing is, kid's that stay home have no TV or video games, they sleep in bed, and he said" My head is feeling MUCH better" Uh HUH!!!! Got him,lol.
Maddy is loving Home Ec, she is a true chef , at heart, I see culinary school in her future more, than ever.. Miranda is loving her school, she said she would never go back to Berwick. She has her 1st B-ball game to cheer at tomorrow, she is excited. And Jax..aww the little sweets, he is just so sweet. I know he is going to be crawling in a few mos, and walkimg soon after, I just try to relish this time, because it will be over, way fater than I wish...
Ok, I am done fornow...have a wonderful weekend!

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Angel said...

4009 lounge sets!! GIRL are you running a factory over there! YOU GO GIRL!