Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well, after taking off what seems forever, I am back. I tried to stay on top of this, but it was too hard, life got busy and complicated. I am going to try harder to make time, now. I love the idea of telling my story and laying it out there, so here we go again! The kids are older, and the time may have passed, but there is still so much to tell, and so much to become, so here we go!!!~

Monday, March 9, 2009

Naughty me...

Yes, I have been a naughty, neglectful blogger! I have just been so busy, with the day to day stuff, and then on Feb 3rd( Jax's 7month bday) I started back to work part time. So with that added to the mix, wow! Things are going well, here, nothing bad to report. Everything is kosher,lol. Just the normal stuff a family of 8 might deal with ;0) e are all having a much needed good year, so far( KNOCK on some wood) We are holding tight to the notion that 2009 is our year to thrive ! the last few years...ehh not so much!
The kids are all doing well..growing like weeds. We just cannot believe how much Nick has grown, this is the yr he is surpassing mack,lol..He weighs more, now, and is just under 2 inches less in height. The Boy, will be tall. (he is, but this"ain't nothing", I suppose. He eats like a 22 yrs old man,lol. My Dad keeps warning us, "JUST WAIT",lol. Mack is doing well, he is loving math, as usual, and his sax lessons. Kara..she is a 21 yr old in a 4yr old body, she never ceases to make us laugh, she just says the funniest things. We had an incedent, last week, where Nick and she, had the notion to give her a "hair trim", and she ended up 14in shorter, when all was said and done. ( AKA~I fixed it) She loks adorable, but I can't help but still get sad seeing her curls gone... My baby girl is growing up.
Miranda is all done with cheer for now, (till try-outs in April) then practices will start, soon, after. She is going back to horse back riding, in a few weeks, now that she has time, again for herself. Maddy is good, as well. My math genious, part 1( Mack is part 2) This girl has a 99 in algebra, steady, through the yr...not bad for a kid who has overcome learning disabilities...she is amazing. Also, way mature for her years. She has all the sudden blossomed, into a social butterfly....always having plans with friends, and doing things. Nice to see our shy violet become so mature and wise.
Jax...aww the little man. He is such a dear. So smart, and always figuring things out! he is 8 mos now, and it just flew for us all. He isteething, so he can be a handful at night when Mommy would rather be sleeping,lol. But, this too, shall pass.
I think that is all for now. I had to just take the time to post! See ya'll later!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


~Just been incredibly busy doing day to day stuff,lol. Ihave been online here and there but been really trying to get other stuff done.
So anyway, we had a nice month, all is good, for now. The kids all did special things with school, and had fun holiday parties. We did some nice things as a family, and tons of baking and candy was just special to be together..and it is a constant in my mind that my older kids will be on their way on a few years, so we try to really cherish these times, and traditions.
Christmas was not huge here this year, but very mush worked onby Scott and I to be MERRY!
We may not be able to get them all the insanely expensive things this yr, but we tried to really get at least 2-3 real wants for them ;0) And we did it! I am always so proud how humble my guys of them asked for sturdy snow boots and mittens, and he is 9...not many kids his age are as well grounded...on the flip side he is a wild man at times, but humble at heart, just like his Papa~ I wish the day would have lasted longer, because you prepare for it for what seems like ever..then it breezes by.
Now we are enjoying the time together, which as many might guess,can be a real zoo, with 6 kiddos,lol. They either play really well, like putting on shows or concerts, or they are all out fighting,'s a treat,lol... They are very hands on, I will say, though, not the type to sit on their bums playing board games, they use their imaginations to the fullest, while their Dad and I just laugh at their newest "broadway hit"~ Kara is always the singer and the boys will dance and add a dark side to the aaing "hits" lol... It is funny...but very special.we are truely blessed.
Not much going on for new Year's eve. We are trying to decide what to do. We may have some fam and friends over, but with Jax it has to be low key. I don't know...I like to be in bed early,lol... Last yr we went to friend's and we were falling asleep watching tv, after 11,lol. BUT we did make it to see the ball drop! Yay~ We will see what this yr entails.
In other news I am debating going back to work part time. I went in to where I used to work, and talked to the new manager yesterday~ They want me, and that makes me proud...I walked into a mess of a cosmetic counter, finacially and physically, and turned them to gold,(last yr) so I am thrilled,lol. They are working on logistics, trying to take the part time girl for Clinique and move her to another line, so I can have Clinique back, it is No stress of managing, just come in a few hrs and sell//woohoo.Pray for me, I hope it works out, if not its another cosmetic line...we shall see!

~Other than that nothing new~ Everyone have a Happy New Year!~And be safe!!!~

Friday, December 12, 2008

~-~It's the 12th day of the 12th Month~-~

This is what I wait all yr for..this day. This is my Only better is in a few yrs when it will be 12-12-12. Yay!
I am sorry that I have not been here, just been busy, and to be honest down in the dumps, for many recurring reasons. I have had a lot go on this past week. Mt Mom did well with her surgery, and got over the hump of dealing with it, she is fearful of things ike that, anxious, even
She did amazingly well.
The night before was HELL on earth, I can say I have lived it. There is nothing like getting a call from someone you cherish , hearing the pure terror and anguish in their voice, because they were just beaten by a man. I am sorry but I meant that when I say it. It is unlike anything I have dealt with. They do not have any class you could ever take to prepare you for the scared feeling you have going to find that person and praying you can get her out without the other person being there to kill or harm her worse, because he was drinking... I feard for her, and myself and my hubby. Not a good situation, and one I am so glad she got out of. I hope and pray she will see it was NOT her fault, she is an amazing person and deserves the world. Do not GO BACK, please.
On a better note,this is a blessed day, I previously told you that I LOVE the number 12, it goes way back for a friend and I,lol..but this number is a blessing because on this day 3 yrs ago, God and all the stars save my husband's life... it is true. He hitblack and for intesive purposes, he should have died. There is no reason tha man should have lived through that wreck, because the car was completely, utterly every sense of the word. The ONLYpart that was not completely warped like a stepped on tin can was where he sat. It was like the PERFECT cut out of his body. His seat belt saved him..( yes, it may have been by his ankles when he finally stopped) but it kept him in the area of salvation. I kid you not, my husband was given a second chance that day, and I remind him of this all the time, because we have had one heart break after the next the last 4-5 years, and particulary the last 1.5 yrs. He has a reason and purpose, and no matter HOW bad it gets, he was granted God's grace, to live, and breathe, and not make my children fatherless. Even when I am down and out I swallow my pride, and remember that SUV, and I will never forget peering into it....the kid's car seats were smashed like a sandwhich into the roof, they would be no more, if they were in that car. There was no passenger side in the front, so if I was in it, no me. I think that every day is a lesson of humility, that we are here to learn. We don't always get that 2nd chance to be better, sometimes we forget to just breathe in all there is to breathe. I pray that this gift is used to it's bes, and I am happy, so happy for it....I know he is, as well. Thank you GOD! ;0)

Life is very fragile, and the older I get, the more I see it. There are few things that are guarenteed. We just have to take each day and know that it is a true gift. I have a hard time remembering to do so, at times, because I get carried into daily life, and hustle and bustle. I am very thankful for what I have. I have a family, who has quirks, and a lot of crazieness, but even more LOVE and steadfast caring, I am blessed.

This is the Christmas season and there is so much to share, like traditions and just being together. That is what counts, not all the hoopla. My kids are going to see this more than ever this yr, because they are not getting tons and tons, rather afew things that they really want or need. I hope that it humbles them, and they will realize how blessed they are to even just have so many who love them, and accept them for who they are. Isn't that what matters most in this life?

Friday, December 5, 2008

So not much to report, but I figured it's the end of the week, and LORD knows, I will not be on much over the weekend,lol. I have one of "those" weekends coming up...Tomorrow, I have alot going on, my Mama is having in and out surgery, and I am transporting to and fro. Jax is heading out with me,lol..I am nervous for her. It will all be ok, I have faith. Sat night we have 4009 lounge sets to create and make, and ship by Monday, I suppose, we have done a little TOO much bartering,lol.. I am in a Yahoo group where you trade things for points, and you can later use your credits for purchase. All you have to do is pay for shipping and vice versa for the others sending stuff to you. In the present state of affairs at our home, it has been a Godsend. I also have a wonderful pal, who I tradecustom sets and skirts,for clothes.. she is a gem. Needless to say, we are busy! I have a few orders, as well. I have had a great yr, and it is almost a new year coming already. I have been VERY good, I made a pact with myself in Jan NOT to spend very much NEW money on the kids this yr for clothes, and I stuck to it..New money being out of pocket. Instead I resell their clothes and use that money . I have had times where I have to sit it out on great deals, but in the long run it has pd off for us. I was at a 50/50 ratio last yr and now I am at about 90/10, BIG improvement.
Anyway~ I get nervous this time of year, trying to fulfill the wee one's Santa dreams, it is always so hard to pick and choose what they want vs what we can really afford. Also , there is nothing worse, to me than 4 days after Xmas , seeing the $55 toy be marked to $10. I hate it, and literally it happens to us every yr,lol. This yr the kids are so happy and awaiting the big guy in red. I have a few weeks to sell some more goodies, I am hoping it all works out. We told them many times that Santa does not always have tons of money to spend on every my Nick, he REALLY believes he will get a Wii, and there is no way he will. I would not spend such an obnoxious amt on a 7 yr old for one gift...especially when to outfit him with it, we would have to spent like $400-500...umm let me think about that! I feel so bad for him, because he will be mad, and my hubby has said so many times we need to break it to him about santa, so he fully understands, but then I know he will tell Kara, and she is 4...I don't's a tough one.
I have another Kara funny~ yesterday we were picking through her toys trying to decide which ones to donate to her school...we just have way too many, and she stood up and said" Mommy, I just don't have the time for this, you do it." That is my girl...she is a card...24 in the body of a 4 yr old. She says every word with conviction.
Nick and Mack are doing well. School is going well, no issues, they love to go...most days,lol.. except yesterday, nick said his head hurt, so I said ok, do you need to stay home? I said the only thing is, kid's that stay home have no TV or video games, they sleep in bed, and he said" My head is feeling MUCH better" Uh HUH!!!! Got him,lol.
Maddy is loving Home Ec, she is a true chef , at heart, I see culinary school in her future more, than ever.. Miranda is loving her school, she said she would never go back to Berwick. She has her 1st B-ball game to cheer at tomorrow, she is excited. And Jax..aww the little sweets, he is just so sweet. I know he is going to be crawling in a few mos, and walkimg soon after, I just try to relish this time, because it will be over, way fater than I wish...
Ok, I am done fornow...have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

*~Baby it's cold outside*~

BRRR! Welcome to the North Pole, here in PA! It is just nasty, here. I was in my basement, just now doing laundry, and my bones are cold,lol..ugh. I have to remember this day, next Summer, when I am saying I would rather be COLD than HOT!! Because this is just cruel and unusual punishment;0)
My little man is 5mos old today! Yay! He is just such a dreamboat, we all just adore that little sweets! 5mos can be a blink, we have concurred, last night, it just creeps up,lol. He is starting to be such the little person. He is so strong, he always has been, not many babies can hold their heads up 2 hrs after birth, at least not like he did, and he is mimmicking our faces, he sticks his tongue out when we do, and blows raspberries when we do. he is also saying HI, when we do, he does, his version is "HA", and I know for a FACT none of my others were talking at all till at least 8-9mos, not 4.5 mos like he was...;0) Smarty pants!
I was supposed to go to Wilkes Barre today for some deals before they end, with my mama, but I could not find a home for Kara,lol..I needed to have her not there, since we were getting her big gift, and I just did not want to play the game(hiding a huge box in my car while she was in it),lol. So I may go tomorrow VERY swiftly while she is in school, and get back before she gets out. We live where all our family is, and we had an easier time of it far away, with swapping for kids, we had a friend who would take our kids for xmas shopping and we would take hers, GENIUS, I tell ya! The local Y has a kids night, that we may explore this week, so we can get a few things done without the kidlets, we shall see.
Not so much to tell , it's been quiet here, we are still trying to get Mack over to the Middle School for gifted Math, he scored in 7-8th grade levels and they think he is bored with 4th grade Math. I will update when that comes to fruition.
OH, I know what I can tell..Maddy made the honor oll again, and they sent me a bumper sticker! She will be happy I mentioned this, because she was on the honor roll so many times, and we NEVER got a bumper sticker...and so she was thrilled to see it in the mail ;0) We took her to dinner 2 weeks ago for her achievement. We were both so proud, my girl is doing so well. She was in some LD classes, and was so scared to get back into REG classes, and is pulling amazing grades, this yr. Her sis ter got a 89 in Algebra, and she got a 96!..That was something , here for a few days, can we say WAR??? mY girls like to have an edge on one another, so grades are a sticky subject, and so there is no confusion, Mimi is VERY smart, as well, but was less than a pt away from the Honor roll, so she was livid, and swears to avenge herself,lol..sigh...sibling rivalry!!!!
Ok, I think that is all, for now, I have a 4 yr old begging for her turn, so, I will let her play her games before lunch...;0) Hope everyone is staying warm!
Angel~ I want to be in SC, like you!!! MILD winters are what I want...maybe someday, Texas is looking more and more our next option!
Have a good one...

Monday, December 1, 2008

2-in-1 day!!!

Be still my heart! I am posting for the 2nd time today!! I just got home from the Dr's and I have tendonitis. Lovely. Oh joy! No, actually I am thrilled that it is not broken. I have been dreading this day, so I guess I am a happy girl. I had the x-ray and she is straight as an arrow. I have to take meds for 2 weeks, one of which I will NOT be taking because my lil guy does not need a muscle relaxer in his mama juice,...uh uh! Dr. Christian said it would be fine but I looked it up and asked the pharmacy and just am not comfy with it, so no biggie. I also had the deluxe visit, because there was this FUN yellow alert on my patient screen, that said I needed a booster shot..yaeh I probably brought that one on myself, I have MyGeisinger, and last month I hurt myself and looked online in my chart to see when my last tetinus shot was, and lo and behold it was as I the 5th grade, when my guinea pig bit me..LOL. GUESS the red flag went out and I was finked out . I took it like a wimp, I assure
I also wanted to send out a shout out for a very cool AND WONDERFUL person, here, that I know...her name is Kelly, and while we were all shopping on Black Friday, she was doing what very few can and will do. She gave birth to 2 little sweet baby miracles for a set of parents who never would be, if not for her selfless gift! She is amazing! I cannot think of a better present to allow someone to have. I read her blog today,( and it will be drawing to an end soon, because her journey is now coming to an end, but as I told her, it's an incredible story!!!!

On another note my whole xmas rant was for my 2 friends who know who they are! Just for the record!~ I seriosly should have just done the silly poll...I ended up having someone hurt over it, and that's not how I roll! HUGS SWEETS!

Ok~ this is all, I promise!