Monday, December 1, 2008

2-in-1 day!!!

Be still my heart! I am posting for the 2nd time today!! I just got home from the Dr's and I have tendonitis. Lovely. Oh joy! No, actually I am thrilled that it is not broken. I have been dreading this day, so I guess I am a happy girl. I had the x-ray and she is straight as an arrow. I have to take meds for 2 weeks, one of which I will NOT be taking because my lil guy does not need a muscle relaxer in his mama juice,...uh uh! Dr. Christian said it would be fine but I looked it up and asked the pharmacy and just am not comfy with it, so no biggie. I also had the deluxe visit, because there was this FUN yellow alert on my patient screen, that said I needed a booster shot..yaeh I probably brought that one on myself, I have MyGeisinger, and last month I hurt myself and looked online in my chart to see when my last tetinus shot was, and lo and behold it was as I the 5th grade, when my guinea pig bit me..LOL. GUESS the red flag went out and I was finked out . I took it like a wimp, I assure
I also wanted to send out a shout out for a very cool AND WONDERFUL person, here, that I know...her name is Kelly, and while we were all shopping on Black Friday, she was doing what very few can and will do. She gave birth to 2 little sweet baby miracles for a set of parents who never would be, if not for her selfless gift! She is amazing! I cannot think of a better present to allow someone to have. I read her blog today,( and it will be drawing to an end soon, because her journey is now coming to an end, but as I told her, it's an incredible story!!!!

On another note my whole xmas rant was for my 2 friends who know who they are! Just for the record!~ I seriosly should have just done the silly poll...I ended up having someone hurt over it, and that's not how I roll! HUGS SWEETS!

Ok~ this is all, I promise!

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