Friday, December 12, 2008

~-~It's the 12th day of the 12th Month~-~

This is what I wait all yr for..this day. This is my Only better is in a few yrs when it will be 12-12-12. Yay!
I am sorry that I have not been here, just been busy, and to be honest down in the dumps, for many recurring reasons. I have had a lot go on this past week. Mt Mom did well with her surgery, and got over the hump of dealing with it, she is fearful of things ike that, anxious, even
She did amazingly well.
The night before was HELL on earth, I can say I have lived it. There is nothing like getting a call from someone you cherish , hearing the pure terror and anguish in their voice, because they were just beaten by a man. I am sorry but I meant that when I say it. It is unlike anything I have dealt with. They do not have any class you could ever take to prepare you for the scared feeling you have going to find that person and praying you can get her out without the other person being there to kill or harm her worse, because he was drinking... I feard for her, and myself and my hubby. Not a good situation, and one I am so glad she got out of. I hope and pray she will see it was NOT her fault, she is an amazing person and deserves the world. Do not GO BACK, please.
On a better note,this is a blessed day, I previously told you that I LOVE the number 12, it goes way back for a friend and I,lol..but this number is a blessing because on this day 3 yrs ago, God and all the stars save my husband's life... it is true. He hitblack and for intesive purposes, he should have died. There is no reason tha man should have lived through that wreck, because the car was completely, utterly every sense of the word. The ONLYpart that was not completely warped like a stepped on tin can was where he sat. It was like the PERFECT cut out of his body. His seat belt saved him..( yes, it may have been by his ankles when he finally stopped) but it kept him in the area of salvation. I kid you not, my husband was given a second chance that day, and I remind him of this all the time, because we have had one heart break after the next the last 4-5 years, and particulary the last 1.5 yrs. He has a reason and purpose, and no matter HOW bad it gets, he was granted God's grace, to live, and breathe, and not make my children fatherless. Even when I am down and out I swallow my pride, and remember that SUV, and I will never forget peering into it....the kid's car seats were smashed like a sandwhich into the roof, they would be no more, if they were in that car. There was no passenger side in the front, so if I was in it, no me. I think that every day is a lesson of humility, that we are here to learn. We don't always get that 2nd chance to be better, sometimes we forget to just breathe in all there is to breathe. I pray that this gift is used to it's bes, and I am happy, so happy for it....I know he is, as well. Thank you GOD! ;0)

Life is very fragile, and the older I get, the more I see it. There are few things that are guarenteed. We just have to take each day and know that it is a true gift. I have a hard time remembering to do so, at times, because I get carried into daily life, and hustle and bustle. I am very thankful for what I have. I have a family, who has quirks, and a lot of crazieness, but even more LOVE and steadfast caring, I am blessed.

This is the Christmas season and there is so much to share, like traditions and just being together. That is what counts, not all the hoopla. My kids are going to see this more than ever this yr, because they are not getting tons and tons, rather afew things that they really want or need. I hope that it humbles them, and they will realize how blessed they are to even just have so many who love them, and accept them for who they are. Isn't that what matters most in this life?

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Angel said...

I agree WHOLE heartedly with you . I am SO glad that that the Angels were watching out for Scott.