Monday, March 9, 2009

Naughty me...

Yes, I have been a naughty, neglectful blogger! I have just been so busy, with the day to day stuff, and then on Feb 3rd( Jax's 7month bday) I started back to work part time. So with that added to the mix, wow! Things are going well, here, nothing bad to report. Everything is kosher,lol. Just the normal stuff a family of 8 might deal with ;0) e are all having a much needed good year, so far( KNOCK on some wood) We are holding tight to the notion that 2009 is our year to thrive ! the last few years...ehh not so much!
The kids are all doing well..growing like weeds. We just cannot believe how much Nick has grown, this is the yr he is surpassing mack,lol..He weighs more, now, and is just under 2 inches less in height. The Boy, will be tall. (he is, but this"ain't nothing", I suppose. He eats like a 22 yrs old man,lol. My Dad keeps warning us, "JUST WAIT",lol. Mack is doing well, he is loving math, as usual, and his sax lessons. Kara..she is a 21 yr old in a 4yr old body, she never ceases to make us laugh, she just says the funniest things. We had an incedent, last week, where Nick and she, had the notion to give her a "hair trim", and she ended up 14in shorter, when all was said and done. ( AKA~I fixed it) She loks adorable, but I can't help but still get sad seeing her curls gone... My baby girl is growing up.
Miranda is all done with cheer for now, (till try-outs in April) then practices will start, soon, after. She is going back to horse back riding, in a few weeks, now that she has time, again for herself. Maddy is good, as well. My math genious, part 1( Mack is part 2) This girl has a 99 in algebra, steady, through the yr...not bad for a kid who has overcome learning disabilities...she is amazing. Also, way mature for her years. She has all the sudden blossomed, into a social butterfly....always having plans with friends, and doing things. Nice to see our shy violet become so mature and wise.
Jax...aww the little man. He is such a dear. So smart, and always figuring things out! he is 8 mos now, and it just flew for us all. He isteething, so he can be a handful at night when Mommy would rather be sleeping,lol. But, this too, shall pass.
I think that is all for now. I had to just take the time to post! See ya'll later!!!

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Michelle said...

I'm a bad blogger too:( I'm back though:)
Glad the kids are doing so well